A personal statement is a piece of writing that tells personal information about you. It may include your strengths, information on your achievements and your career goals. Usually, it is a short but informative paper about your professional traits, experience and other qualities that can be useful for your input as a professional.

Personal Statement Writing

Personal statement writing includes information about you and your positive sides that can be useful for a specific institution you are applying to or any other information that can be appropriate in a particular case. For instance, if you are applying for a position at the company, you should write about those skills that will position you as a best candidate, such as computer skills, management skills, etc.

Make sure you avoid boring clichés, such as “I am a hardworking person”, “I am a team player”, etc. Indicate something that describes you as a personality and professional.

Still, if you have little working experience, you can write about other achievements, hobbies or interests that are relevant to the position you are applying for. For instance:

  • Deep knowledge of modern art (if it is relevant to the desired position);
  • Experience of work as a volunteer;
  • Captain of a football team, etc.

However, do not try to provide irrelevant information just to increase the word count. 

Personal Statement Structure

In order to provide a proper personal statement and structure it may be useful to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in a specific position?
  2. Do you find yourself suitable for this work?
  3. Do you have experience of work in this particular field? 
  4. Can you prove that your previous experience is related to the job you are applying for?
  5. What exactly skills make you a perfect match for a position?

These questions will help you understand better how you and your experience can add value to the company. Besides, they will help you realize what should be paid more attention to in your statement and what information can be omitted. As an example, in a situation when you do not have experience, you can make an emphasis on your academic achievements or indicate how your skills used in everyday life can be useful in a particular case. 

A Good Way to Start Your Personal Statement

One of the best ways to start your personal statement is to provide a brief summary about yourself. It should be a statement about how you are in a professional sense. Some examples of a good start for a personal statement are the following:

  • Web developer with deep knowledge of such web languages as CSS, JavaScript, PHP. 
  • Leading specialist in a marketing sphere with 5 years’ experience.
  • Experienced shop-assistant with a desire to improve customer services possessing management skills, and having rich previous experience. 
  • Dedicated and experienced customer service specialist with four years of experience in bunking sector.
  • Professional in digital media field dealing with broadcasting. 
  • Skilled construction worker specializing in plumbing, plastering, and roofing with experience of work with big construction companies. 

What is the Expected Size of a Personal Statement?

Many writers think by mistakes that the longer personal statement is, the more effect it will have. Unfortunately, in realty, the situation is totally different. An effective personal statement is usually around 150 words in length. It should be considered not as an extended paper about you and your life path but as a short presentation of your professional experience and skills relevant for a specific position. 

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How to End a Personal Statement?

The best way to end a personal statement is to write about your goal. You should summarize shortly why you think you are the best fir for a chosen position. Some examples of personal statement ending may include: 

  1. Looking forward to sharing my ideas regarding improvement of customer service at your shop and providing high quality services to the clients.
  2. Hoping to start working in the sphere of marketing where I can apply my knowledge and become a part of a great team of specialists. 
  3. Looking forward to start working as a journalist in your magazine to make a contribution to the development and growth of you firm. 

Do’s and Don’ts of a Personal Statement

Before you start working on your personal statement, you should consider the issues that are not recommended to write in it, as well as things that should be included.


  • Make the readers interested in your statement by applying professional tone.
  • Keep it short by providing only relevant information. Such approach towards your personal statement is important not to make the readers lose their attention. 
  • Provide a short description of your working history. Do you have an experience of work in a specific field? Did you work previously? How it helped you to develop?
  • Provide information on how you can be useful to the company and on value you can add to it. 
  • Provide information on skills that will help you position yourself as a good specialist in a specific field and company you are applying to. 
  • Give information on why the role you are applying for is interesting for you. 
  • Say no to clichés. A personal statement full of clichés will be boring and will unlikely attract the attention of the readers and your potential employers. 
  • Make sure you get familiar with the job description and understand what exactly qualities and skills are required from you. It will help you concentrate on the most important issues. 


  • Provide personal data that is not relevant to the position and your professional skills. Do not write about how many kids you have or whether you are married (unless job description requires that). Such information does not help evaluate you as a specialist properly. 
  • Write about your flaws.
  • Hyperbolize. Do not write about yourself more than you really are, as most of the information you provide can be easily checked. 
  • Lie. Each lie you indicate will be revealed sooner or later, which may negatively influence your future career. 
  • Write general and vague information. 
  • Copy examples found online.

Purpose of Personal Statements

Most likely, you will be expected to write a personal statement in order to get a place on a college or university course, and when you are submitting a job application. Generally, a personal statement describes what you have achieved so far in life, and what your goals and aspirations for the future are. It can be difficult to write this type of statement; the right amount of information, a suitable tone, and clarity are needed. This document will be read by professionals so you need to make sure the standard of editing is good, and that is why many people seek help from a bona fide personal statement editing company.

Personal Statement Editing Service

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