The history of white papers was originated in the British parliament and was traditionally referring to government-issues files. One of the first widely known white papers was Churchill White Paper (1922), and it was about the Jewish-Palestinian conflict. Since then, the overall structure, form, and areas of use have evolved. Today would like to walk you through the definition, types, writing tips, as well as how we can help you with white papers.

What Is a White Paper?

The definition of a white paper is based on the area of its application or submission. There are two major areas:

  • Business: a white paper is a report that introduces the complex problem and is widely used to develop or change the company’s policy or course of actions. This form of the report might have a proposal, results of research, etc. Sometimes, a white paper can be preceded by several drafts of a green paper if a new policy or law should be introduced and the changes should be agreed upon by numerous parties.
  • Marketing: a white paper is a tool to inform about a solution to an issue a customer has a problem with. It is a solid, well-researched, and reasonable information that is used to make a decision.

In academic writing, a white paper can be assigned to students of any level regarding their studies related to Business, Marketing, Accounting, Commerce, etc.

WP is not a written form of an ‘elevator pitch’. It should not intrigue or gain sympathies, but rather explain why this solution is the best choice in the current situation.

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Purpose of White Paper Writing

While white paper writing penetrated numerous areas, the overall aim remains the same: establish the relationships with the readers and convince them that idea/approach/technology presented is the best (or at least better than the other one) solution. In business writing, the two other intentions would be:

  1. Sales improvements. Presenting your expertise on the subject matter can also boost sales rates, as people tend to look to those who proved they can be trusted.
  2. Lead generation. Sometimes, the paper should not sell something, but rather convince people to consider the option and contact the company for further information.

Basic Types of White Papers

Helpful Tips for Writing a White Paper

If you have to google how to write a white paper, let one of the experts of our white paper writing service share some first-hand tips.

  1. Identify and state the problem clearly. Some people tend to fail with their white papers, as they seem to take a wide, too complex or abstract problem. In order to make a white paper effective, you need to focus on specific, relatable and, most of all, solvable issue.
  2. Choose the proper style. While white paper is persuasive writing at its core, one should remember to address facts and hard data, rather than emotions and personal experience.
  3. Gather and sort your data prior to writing. If you do that, there will be no need to stop, clarify and re-check every piece of information, and you will not have to worry that a certain piece of evidence will ruin your white paper.
  4. Think of the title, intro, and summary. While your introduction and recap should be cohesive and coherent, they need to be written according to the message you would like to deliver and your title.
  5. Check white paper samples, but notice what you should do differently. There is a certain danger of using the pre-written white papers as ‘inspiration’, as you might not grasp the initial problem or the idea behind the paper that differs from what you have, so pay attention to details.

Some great ideas failed because their owners could not deliver them properly. If you are a person of action, rather than words, you might need help with preparing a professional white paper. Here is when we come forward.

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What White Papers Can We Offer?

If you feel like writing a white paper is not for you, or you simply have no idea where to begin, let us help you and offer professional assistance.

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While mainly focuses on academic writing, we do business writing as well. There are several factors that define the final price of your white paper:

  1. Deadline. Regardless of the level of writing required, the shorter your deadline is, the higher the price you will have to pay. If you would like to reduce the cost, please, choose the longer timeframe.
  2. Level. If you need an academic white paper, please, specify the level needed, as it will influence the type of writer assigned to work on your order.
  3. Additional services required. We have the regular services like free revision on request or draft.

What Can Offer?

For clients that need a white paper for their business need, we recommend to contact our support team and receive consultation on their order, or request a Ph.D. level or writing to ensure the best quality of writing, as well as profound research.

While white papers have been there for over two centuries, the culture of proper writing still remains unsettled. For people, who understand the value of a good white paper and its power, the idea to buy white paper help seems reasonable. It allows them to focus on work rather than writing, and achieve more.

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