Whenever you do a research, a course paper, a thesis, or a similar work, you will need to process tones of literature and find the sources that can be used in your paper. Then, you will need to list these sources, give a brief overview of each of them, and discuss how it contributed to your research – in other words, you will need to deal with writing a literature review. This part of your paper is extremely important, as it determines the value and credibility of your research findings and creates a background for your study. An academic literature review has a number of strict requirements regarding the citation style, formatting, structure and content. Knowing all these aspects will help you to do the task perfectly well and ensure good grades in the end.

How to Write a Literature Review Paper: Basic Steps

If you wonder how to write a literature review paper that would complete your research and impress your professor, the tips below will assist you in doing that.

  1. Formulate the Purpose. One of the first steps in literature review writing is making a clear and strong thesis statement. It will give a certain direction to the whole paper and serve as a basis for your review. Once the thesis statement is ready, use it as a perspective, from which every source will be analyzed.
  2. Select Carefully. For your paper, find as many relevant sources of literature as possible. Go through Internet sources, local library, your university’s website, and find the articles, dissertations and books that deal with the theme of your research. Then, out of all the works, select only the most reliable and significant ones, which had the findings that influenced the course of your research. Only these selected works need to be included in your literature review.
  3. Find Connections. Every source that you present needs more than a description or an overview: you also have to show how it is connected to your work. Thus, explain why every analyzed source of literature is important for your study. Out of all the literature review tips, this one is the most significant, and should be treated like a rule.
  4. Mind the Order. In some colleges and universities the literature review is made in alphabetical order, while in other establishments the sources have to be presented in the order of appearance in the research. Clarify what kind of literature review outline is required by your professor and follow that order in your work. 
  5. Format Properly. Remember that each source of literature that you analyze should be cited in full, and the information about the author, title of the work, year and place of publication should be given before each entry. The important aspect here is sticking to the correct citation style, and finding a literature review sample to follow can be very useful.

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Literature Review Writing Service

As you can see, writing a literature review consists of several stages and requires good analytical skills and your focused attention. Considering how challenging and time-consuming this assignment can be, it is understandable that at some point in your studying, you might need a literature review help. Gladly, we are ready to offer a solution for you: at Happy-Finals.com, you can receive a professional writing assistance with this kind of task.

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Types of literature review

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Possible Difficulties of Literature Review Writing

It is quite obvious that making a decent literature review requires a lot of time. We are not talking about many hours: it takes many days and sometimes even weeks to go through all the existing literature and analyze it properly. Another challenge is the need to choose only the relevant sources and explain how they contributed to your research. Discussing it requires excellent writing skills, as you need to be clear, concise and informative at the same time. Besides, you are expected to show the aspects of the research subject that has not been studied sufficiently, which means that analytical thinking and knowledge of the academic field is needed to do it. Clearly, all these purposes can be hard to reach at once, especially when you are overwhelmed with a number of other writing assignments and their burning deadlines. In such situations, we suggest you to delegate the writing to professionals, who will handle it with all scrutiny.

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