Look through a long list of great Latin-American studies essay topics and find those which you feel will motivate you to conduct thorough research and draw interesting conclusions.

  1. Why do the foreigners love to come and watch football matches in Mexico?
  2. Football in Argentina and Brazil: Beauty and strength or hegemony of women and masculinity
  3. Is football related to politics in Colombia? National unity presidential project and Football World Cup of 2014 
  4. Stereotypes in football: Are Brazil and Argentina different?  
  5. Ecuador and Bolivia: Model of post‚Äźneoliberal development or 21st century socialism? 
  6. Guatemala: Gold mining industry of the global scale, junior firms, and resistance in civil society 
  7. Democracy in Brazil: Pessimistic and optimistic views, institutional design, coalitional presidential debates
  8. The Andes: Race issues 
  9. Chile: Political detention and music under the rule of Pinochet
  10. Colombia, chocó: Daily survival and violence 
  11. Bolivia: Desaparecidos by Wara Cajías and Adriana Montenegro
  12. Mexican war on drugs: Between the beauty and horror. Photography and journalism (2006–2012)
  13. Mexico city: Real life and photo representation of youth, crime, and social problems of the 50s 
  14. Latin America and policy of colonialism
  15. How are the indigenous people treated? Can this be changed?
  16. Before Columbus: Could America be visited by other people?
  17. Enlightenment: Immanuel Kant and Bartolomé de Las Casas
  18. Latin America: First nations
  19. Latin America: Peculiarities of authoritarian rule 
  20. Latin America: Construction of masculinities and femininities

There are Latin-American studies essay topics which can excite the strongest interest in the readers and facilitate their understanding of the most complicated issues.

  1. Latin America: Background of Jesuits 
  2. Latin America: Historical past from colonial times to present day 
  3. Latin America: Neoliberalism by Samir Sader
  4. Opposition between the south and the north 
  5. Brazil: Race relations 
  6. How does the government handle the biggest natural disasters?
  7. Families: Issues related to different structures
  8. Rights of the citizens: Effect on the slave relations 
  9. Practices of preserving culture: Positive and negative aspects
  10. Human rights: Protection and issues
  11. Reasons for migration of Latin American workers to the USA
  12. Reasons for the struggle with independence and identity in some parts of the country 
  13. Democracy in Latin America: Positive and negative aspects 
  14. Are the opportunities for Latin American women equal with those for men?
  15. Latin America: Background after the Left Turn
  16. The Zapatista Revolution, 1994 
  17. South America: American imperialism after 1945
  18. The Caribbean region and foreign policy of the US 
  19. The Indian Ocean islands and the Caribbean area
  20. History of Latin America: Guidance
  21. Slavery in the Caribbean area and the USA
  22. Country study: Realities of Ecuador
  23. Paraguay: Politics and present day realities
  24. Peru: Country study
  25. Peruvian style in cooking
  26. Oil industry in Venezuela
  27. Native tribes of South America
  28. Democracy in Argentina
  29. Role of black market in Argentina

Some Latin-American studies essay topics can seem to be boring to you; thus, you may just switch to another problem that appears to be more interesting for you. Your involvement will excite the interest of your readers and your professor. 

  1. Project manager in capital budgeting
  2. Revolutions in Haiti 
  3. Ethnic slave rebellions in Bahia and the Caribbean area 
  4. Risk management and factors of competition 
  5. South America: Agricultural production and El Nino
  6. World trade in Chile
  7. Amazon people and peculiarities of their sexual behaviors
  8. Economic growth of Chile
  9. Contrasts in Colombian nations
  10. South America: Background of the drug trade
  11. Documentary reviews of the Caribbean issues
  12. Argentina: Black market of foreign exchange
  13. Barbados and Haiti: Socioeconomic struggle and poverty
  14. Colombia: Economy and drug trafficking
  15. Colombia: How to stop trafficking drugs
  16. The Aztec Empire: History and legacy
  17. Art of Aztecs 
  18. Comprehensive study of El Salvador
  19. Relations between Puerto Rico and the USA
  20. System of Justice in Puerto Rico
  21. History of Puerto Rico: 18th - 20th centuries
  22. Argentina and Chile: Economy and politics
  23. Promotion of export: Success rates in Costa Rica  and Chile 
  24. Drug lords in Colombia: Political impact
  25. El Mozote: Murky mysteries
  26. The Panama Canal: American invasion 
  27. Trade in Guatemala  
  28. Modern history of Haiti
  29. Migration in Puerto Rico: Social inequality 
  30. Haiti: African art
  31. Mexican immigration 
  32. Haiti: Involvement of the USA
  33. Martinique: Culture and history
  34. U.S. and Mexican culture
  35. Puerto Rico: Industrialization
  36. Guatemala: Economy and system of banking
  37. Guatemala: Era of the World War II
  38. Migration in Puerto Rico 
  39. Latin America: Peculiar features of political geography
  40. Texas: colonization history
  41. Intervention in Mexico and role of WoodrowWilson
  42. Guatemala and El Salvador: Children of the war
  43. President Arbenz and Guatemala 
  44. System of education in Mexico
  45. Pancho Villa, a hero of Mexico
  46. Political turmoil in Mexico
  47. Mexican art: Trends and styles of the 19th and 20th centuries 
  48. Architectural style of Luis Barragan
  49. Borders between the USA and Mexico: Should they be more protected?
  50. Mexican culture: Contrasts 
  51. Campaigns of direct marketing: Are they successful in Mexico? 
  52. Inner-city dwelling in Puerto Rico 
  53. Regime of Duvalier in Haiti
  54. Virgin Islands: Music of St. Croix
  55. Institutions of quasi-government: Cultural, social, and economic impact. Caribbean destinations of “Port of Call” and management groups of Expatriate Hotel
  56. Common market of the Caribbean: Marketing screening 
  57. Civilization of Latin America: Society and history. From 1492 up to now 
  58. Latin America: Conflicts and development since 1945 
  59. Struggle for independence in Latin America
  60. Anarchy and tyranny: History of democracy (1800-2006) in Latin America 
  61. Origins of Latin America in the 21st century 
  62. Papers on colonial lives: History of Latin America (1550-1850) 
  63. Colonial Latin America: Intellectual history 
  64. Latin America in the Middle Period (17th-19th centuries): Values and cultural realities
  65. Economic thought of Latin America: History and background 
  66. African Latin America (1800-2000)
  67. Broken Spears by Miguel Leon Portilla
  68. American managers: Train and start working in Mexico 
  69. Judiciary system in Mexico and the USA 
  70. Bailout Plan of Clinton and Mexican Peso Crisis 
  71. Policy of isolationism by the USA and Peso Crisis in Mexico
  72. Mexican Peso Crisis: Solutions and problems
  73. NAFTA and industries of logistics and transportation 

Your Latin-American studies essay will be a great academic paper if it is written on the basis of a well-thought topic and it deals with the issues of crucial importance. 

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